Royal Shield™  High Performance  Premium Synthetic Roof Underlayment is one of the safest, toughest and best-performing roof underlayments available. The light blue color provides a cool, low-glare surface and reduces heat absorption. Woven from polymer fabric, Royal Shield™ offers Strength; Durability; Excellent Traction on steep slopes; offers a Wrinkle-Free surface and is UV Resistance. The textured surface provides superior traction in a variety of roof and weather conditions.

Information Sheets


  • 30 times stronger than Type 15 and 30 Felt, when installed as directed int eh installation instructions

  • Resistant to tearing and stretching around fasteners in high traffic area or high winds.

  • Skid-resistant polymer coating provides traction and a safer working surface

  • Wider offering greater coverage

  • 100% Recyclable Material, manufactured from recyclable material

  • More effective and lighter in comparison to regular Type 15 lbs & 30 lb Felt

  • Low temperature flexibility

  • Won’t crack, buckle or warp: Royal Shield™  with its lay-flat and water repellent keeps Royal Shield™ away from warping, wrinkling and cracking in cold weather.

  • Royal Shield™ is a synthetic product that will support no-mold, no-oil leaching and has no hazardous properties

  • Enhanced UV Resistant for 6 months

  • Pre-printed nailing pattern and overlap lines for speedy installation

Building Code and Roofing Standard Compliance:


ASTM D4869

CAN/CSA - A220

CAN/CSA - A123.3

Roll Specifications

10 Square Roll

4 ft x 250 ft

35 lbs/Roll

36 Rolls Per Pallet

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