Royal Guard™  Breathable House Wrap is trilaminate highly engineered non-woven composite that provides high strength non-perforated membrane to protect from both water hold-out and air. Royal Guard™ provides a vapour-permeable layer that resists liquid water from outside, while also allowing water vapours to escape from inside which allow effectively eliminating excess moisture, thereby preventing the damaging effects of mold and rot.

Royal Guard™ can be used on both Air-Barrier and Breather type Applications

Royal Guard™ House wrap can be used under following cladding systems

  • Fiber Cement

  • Wood (including Shingles & Shakes)

  • Vinyl and Insulated Vinyl

  • Composite Panels

  • Insulated Sheathings

  • Manufactured Stone, Brick, Masonry

  • Stucco

  • Metal

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  • Provides a vapour-permeable surface that allow moisture trapped in sheathing to escape

  • Provides and energy-efficient air barrier to stop air infiltration into the home

  • Provides a weather barrier behind exterior cladding while protecting the sheathing

  • Good water proof ability

  • Excellent Moisture Vapour Permeance

  • UV Treated

  • Light in weight, easy to install and handle

  • Excellent tear strength

  • Meet and exceeds all current building codes

Building Code and Standard Compliance:

CCMC #13647-R


ASTM E2178

Roll Specifications

450 Sq ft Per Roll

5 ft x 90 ft

12.6 lbs/Roll

68 Rolls Per Pallet

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