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About Us

KPNE  Offers a Variety of Superior Synthetic Roof Underlayments, Building Wraps and Geogrids.


KPNE Products ltd. is a world class supplier of Roofing underlayment; Building wraps; Geo-grid material and other Building Envelope products. KPNE provides high strength protective coverings, combining key performance features, creating a complete line of innovative products that offer many building envelope solutions, such as: air and water vapour barriers; breathable membranes and energy saving building systems.


All of KPNE Products have also passed ISO9001:2000, Quality Management System Certification in 2002, and established a perfect quality management system to ensure a leading edge in technology and management. All our products are tested as per ASTM, CSA, and CCMC codes and are competitively priced. Some of our CCMC certifications are CCMC # 13647-R, CCMC # 14117-R. We also do lots of private label products across North America.

Our state of Art manufacturing facility has been Industry leaders from conception, with a team of professional technicians, highly qualified managers, and skilled workers full of experience.  All these attributes enable us to provide products with better quality at more competitive price than any others. So we are sure that we can meet all your requirements and have ability to be your reliable supplier.

  • KPNE’s production facilities are specialized in manufacturing woven, non-woven, breathable, coated or non-coated specialized synthetic fabrics like roofing underlayment’s, building wraps, Tarpaulins, Geo textiles and Geogrids made from Polymers.

  • KPNE meets and exceeds the quality and service requirements for all the products we supply to our clients in Canada, North America, Japan and India.

  • KPNE is also specialized in developing new products with clients needing definitive specifications or code requirements.

Please refer to KPNE Sales Conditions and Warranty Terms: 

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