KPNE RoofMask 30 Roofing Underlayment 15lb 30lb underlay Synthetic Felt Roof Construction
KPNE RoofMask 30 Roofing Underlayment 15lb 30lb underlay Synthetic Felt Roof Construction

Roofmask-30™  is the faster, stronger and more durable alternative to conventional roofing felt. Roofmask-30™ synthetic underlayment is a high strength, durable, light weight woven coated fabric used as a 30lb roofing underlayment for both commercial and residential roofing.


It’s the best performing underlayment for contractors to meet or exceed industry standards in performance. The engineered fabric construction contributes to superior strength and durability, light weight handling, water and mold resistance, a wrinkle-free surface and resistance to UV-breakdown. The engineered walking surface offers best traction in a variety of weather conditions.


Roofmask-30™ is the best choice for use under Asphalt Shingles, Metal, Concrete and Clay Tiles

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  • Stronger than Type 30 and Type 15 Felt

  • Resistant to tearing and stretching around fastnerers in high traffic area or high winds.

  • Lighter than Type 30 or 15 Felt and is easy to handle during all stages of installation

  • Wider offering greater coverage (5 times more than Type 30 Felt)

  • Longer UV Resistance (6 Months UV Exposure)

  • Won’t crack, buckle or warp: Roofmask - 30™  with its lay-flat and water repellent keeps Roofmask - 30™ away from warping, wrinkling and cracking in cold weather.

  • Asphalt Free Roofmask - 30™ is a synthetic product that will support no - mold, no oil leaching and has no hazardous properties

  • Reliable Walking Surface: A skid-resistant polymer walking surface offers good low-slope traction.

  • Low temperature flexibility

  • Pre-printed nailing pattern and overlap lines for speedy installation

Building Code and Roofing Standard Compliance:

ASTM D 226, Type II

Standard Specification for Asphalt-Saturated Organic Felt Used in Roofing and Waterproofing

CSA A 123.3

Asphalt Saturated Organic Roofing Felt

CSA A 220.1

Acceptance Criteria for Concrete Roof Tile

Roll Specifications

10 Square Roll

4 ft x 250 ft

30 lbs/Roll

36 Rolls Per Pallet